End-of-Summer Art Show

When: October 14, 6-8pm
Cost: $10 for kids under 13, $20 for 13+
How to join: Closed

Young and young-at-heart artists are invited to join in the first ever Sammamish Mosque End-of-Summer Art Show.  Paintings, drawings, jewelry, pottery, woodwork, handicrafts--if you made it yourself and wish to display it, it counts as art!  The show is a celebration of artistic expression, for all skill levels. To submit artwork, fill out the registration form above.  On Oct 13, bring in your work to display and pay the registration fee.  Then attend the show on Oct 14, 6-8pm to admire all the wonderful artwork.

P.S.: All registration funds go towards prizes.  Any leftover funds will help run the Masjid.