Fall/Spring Curriculum

I. Qur'an Reading and Memorization (Sunday School)

II. Islamic Studies (Sunday School)

III. Meaning of Qur'an (Virtual Thursdays)



I. Qur'an Reading and Memorization

Please note that the Level Guides below are approximations and subject to some change:

Level 1:

Nooranyah Qaidah:

From lesson 1 to 5

  • Letters
  • Combine letters.
  • Separate reading letters.
  • Fatha, damma and kassra.
  • Tanween: double (fatha, damma and kasra).

Optional: (if students are advanced) lesson 6: Practice lesson 4 and 5 together.

Quran Memorization: Surah Al Fatiha, An-Nass, Al Falaq, Al Ikhlas, Al Massad, An-Nasr, Al Kafiroon, Al Kawthar, Al Maoon, Quraysh, Al Feel.

Level 2:

Nooranyah Qaidah:

From lesson 6 to 11

  • Practice with fatha, dama, kasra and tanween.
  • Alif saghuirah (small Alif), yah saghuirah, waw saghuirah.
  • Maad and Leen
  • Practice Tanween, Maad and Leen.
  • Sukun
  • Practice Sukun.

Quran Memorization: Surah Al Humaza, Al Asr, At-Takathur, Al Qareah, Al Adiyat, Az-Zelzalah, Al Bayyina, Al Qadr, Al Alaq, At-Teen.

Level 3:

Nooranyah Qaidah:

From lesson 12 to 17

  • Shaddah
  • Practice on Shaddah.
  • Practice on Shaddah and Sukun.
  • Practice on two Shaddah on one word.
  • Practice on Shaddah Sukun and Maad.
  • General practice.

Quran Memorization: Surah Ash-Sharh, Ad-Doha, Al-Lail, Ash-Shams, Al-Balad, Al- Fajr, Al- Ghashiyah.

Level 4:

Practice reading Qur'an from Juz 'Ammah.

Quran Memorization:  Al- Ghashiyah, Al-Aalaa, At-Tarik, Al-Buruj, Al-Inshiqaq.

Level 5 and 6:

Each student on his/her own level on memorization.


II. Islamic Studies

Islamic Studies for Sunday School uses various levels of books from the Islamic Studies Weekend Series for each level taught at the school. The first two grade levels in school correspond to the first two level of books from the Weekend series. These series are designed to work with an annual curriculum in Sunday Sessions. To see samples, please visit here. Each Sunday, we have Qur'an from 10am to 11:30am and after a 30m snack break, we have Islamic Studies from 12pm to 1pm.

We also guide students in all levels through Salaat and encourage to join in during prayer times that coincide with school times.

If you have any further questions about the curriculum, please contact us at education@sammamishmosque. com.

III. Virtual Thursdays

This is a supplementary program that gives students a midweek refresher in studying the Qur'an, while focusing on beginning to understand the meaning of the Qur'an.

Using the book "Holy Qur'an for Kids- Juz 'Amma," by Yahiya Emerick, students will learn basic, kid friendly context of surahs from Juz 'Amma, children oriented translation of surahs, and identifying Arabic words, roots, and their meanings in the Qur'an.

IV. Sunday Youth Program (led by Sheikh Abdullahi Egal) (Not Offered for 2021/2022)

Targeted toward an older youth group, this program is designed to host lectures and panel discussions involving Islamic clerics, community leaders and youth members. At such events, the youth are encouraged to share stories and experiences and to benefit from each other. Our range of important services and activities include

1-Islamic Studies

2-Qur'an Studies

3-Youth Mentorship

4-Youth Counseling

5-Sports Tournaments

6-Big Sister/ Big Brother