All students must arrive promptly at 10:00am. Tardiness will not be accepted, unless there are emergency circumstances. If there is an unavoidable delay please contact the school (here) to let the teachers know. Parents must drop-off their children quickly, safely and orderly to avoid creating traffic and/or delay.
Dismissal is at 1:20pm. Parents must pick-up their children on time and in the same orderly fashion as arrival. Teachers will make sure that each child is picked up before they leave the masjid.


We understand that absences can happen for a variety of reasons. However, parents MUST email the school (here) to report an absence. Students must avoid absences because that will cause them to fall far behind class and making it very difficult for them to catch up.

Behavior and Responsibilities
  • Arrive ready to learn. Parents can also help their child by making sure they receive enough sleep, eat a healthy breakfast, are organized and arrive on time
  • Bring a healthy snack/lunch
  • Make sure all homework is completed on time
  • Respect the teacher and his/her rules
  • Respect your fellow students
  • Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself
  • Treat all masjid property with care
  • Throw all trash in the trashcans to keep the masjid clean
  • Use your inside voice
  • Cell phone use during class is a distraction. All children will be asked to turn their cell phones off
  • Pray Duhur when it is time

To maximize student learning, it is extremely important that each child be placed at the appropriate level. To achieve this, the administration and staff will set up a time to assess each child’s skills with respect to Arabic, Quran Reading, and Islamic Studies. Based on the results of the assessment, each child will be assigned a grade level that best fits his/her needs. Assessments will take place prior the first day of school.


Homework is an opportunity for students to take what they have learned in the masjid and to apply it to assignments and projects. Doing homework regularly and completely will help your student develop a good understanding of what the teacher is teaching in class. Assignments and projects are to be finished and turned in on time. Parents can ensure their child succeeds in class by making sure they do their homework.