Ramadan Quran Memorization Competition

When: Friday May 22 - From 5 - 7 PM
Where: Virtual Conf room
Registration Fee: $10 per participant
How to join: Pay $10 registration fee (here) and then register below.
[Choose 'SMA School' as payment category]

Registration Deadline: May 20, 2020  (Registration Closed for 2020)

Competition Scoring:
- Quran recitation with Tajweed rules
- Quran memorization
- Bonus points for English translation of the Surah

Register for Quran Memorization Competition

(Registration Closed for 2020)


Competition Categories:

Age group 1: 4-5 years
  Surah: Al-Maoon


 Age group: 6-7 years
  Surah: At-Teen


Age group: 8-10 years
  Surah: Al-Fajr 

Age group: 11-14 years
  Surah: Al-Inshiqaq


Age group: 15-18 years
  Surah: Al-Mulk