Assalamu Alaikum (Peace be Upon you) dear community members,

***UPDATED*** Note that the date for elections is pushed back to Saturday Dec 22, 2018

It is time for our community annual elections. This year we’ll have three Board of Directors and one Board of Trustees positions open for elections. This is the time for all community members to take an active part in the process of selecting leadership for our masjid and our community, who can accelerate our journey to excellence in making our masjid the best place to worship, an exemplary Islamic educational school, a heartwarming community center and a welcoming Dawah center.

You can participate by nominating an active and dedicated community member or, even better, step up to take the challenge to serve the masjid and nominate yourself for the open positions.

General Assembly and Election Schedule:

Date: ***UPDATED*** Saturday Dec 22, 2018
Time: 12:30 to 3:00pm
Venue: Sammamish Masjid
Lunch: Community Potluck

Nomination Process:

A committee of Election Commissioners has been formed to handle nomination and election process. Please send all your nominations to Election Commissioners DL:

Open Positions:

Board of Directors : Three positions – Term duration 2 years
Board of Trustees : One position – Term duration 3 years

How you can participate:

Please send your nominations with name of the nominee, short Bio, and the reason our community should elect the nominee to All nominees should meet the SMA bylaws requirements mentioned below. The last day for all nomination submissions is ***UPDATED*** Friday Nov 30, 2018. The election commissioners will announce the final list of candidates by ***UPDATED*** Monday Dec 3, 2018.

Join us on the election day to participate and vote in the General Assembly meeting.

Who can run, per our Bylaws:
  • Be an adult, practicing Muslim known for his Islamic manners and morals in his community and organization dealings
  • Be a regular attendee to the Mosque and regular participant in Mosque activities
  • Be committed to supporting the SMA financially
  • Be a member of the SMA [community] for a minimum of one year.

For the Board of Trustees role, in addition to the above requirements, the nominee should have served on the Board of Directors previously with good standing.

And above all, each nominee comes with a generous big heart and an aptitude for serving the community.

Our community is growing, Alhamdulillah, and so are its needs. Let us do our part to strengthen our Masjid and the community center.

Jazakum Allahu Khairan,
On behalf of Board of Trustees and Board of Directors