Asslam Alaykum wa rahmatu Allah taala wa barakatuh,

This is just a reminder to Insh’Allah come join us this Saturday for the Sammamish Mosque Picnic. As it happens, this event coincides with the beginning of the Hidji year and it is a great opportunity for all Sammamish Mosque Board members to wish all Muslims a happy new year and may Allah accept our prayers, fasting, zakat and all good deeds. Jazakum Allah Kheir and see you all on Saturday insh’Allah,

You can help sponsor the event by donating to the Picnic Fund here (we never use Masjid funds for food).  You can also volunteer your time to help host by emailing:

Please be aware that the Sammamish Fire Marshal and some of our neighbors have complained about parking around Sammamish Mosque. Please use the parking guidance below to help you decide where to park. Unfortunately, if you park illegally, you will be towed.

Parking Guidance:

Parking Guide for Sammamish Mosque

Event Flyer:

Fall Picnic Flyer

All Sammamish Mosque Board members and volunteers,