Assalamu Alaikum,

SMA and Sammamish Masjid would like to invite you to an Eid Picnic on Saturday, July 15th. It is time to come together to celebrate and rejoice the connection we made with our Lord, Allah (SWT) during the month of Ramadan. Please come and celebrate with us; bring your favorite dish and picnic mats. We will barbecue and have food for everyone insha’Allah; we will also have many activities for the entire family. Please see attachment for details.

You can help sponsor the event by donating to the Picnic Fund here (we never use Masjid funds for food).  You can also volunteer your time to help host by emailing:

Please be aware that the Sammamish Fire Marshal and some of our neighbors have complained about parking around Sammamish Mosque. Please use the parking guidance below to help you decide where to park. Unfortunately, if you park illegally, you will be towed.

Parking Guidance:

Parking Guide for Sammamish Mosque

Event Flyer:

Jazakum Allahu Khairan for continuing to support OUR Masjid and OUR Community,

Ramadan Chokr,
SMA President