SMA Membership

Sammamish Muslim Association has two forms of membership:

(1) Honorary Members – Any individual who wishes to be part of SMA and its activities. They are welcome to join the SMA mailing list and participate in SMA Events. Email to join the SMA mailing list.

(2) Members – Members can vote during SMA elections, and they can run for SMA board positions, if they meet certain qualifications. To be eligible to be a SMA member, an individual must meet the criteria below:

  1. Individual must be an adult Muslim, age 18+.
  2. Individual must be a resident of Sammamish/Issaquah.

A voting member must abide by SMA By-Laws_V3.5  and complete the annual registration process. In order to vote or run for a board position, an individual must be a registered member for at least four months prior to the given election. Additionally, a minimum donation to SMA (either Masjid, Construction, or Zakat Fund) is required during the calendar year of voting membership. The new donation amount will be communicated soon.

For 2023, the deadline to register to vote for December 2023 elections is August 31, 2023.