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Construction Update

Allhamdulillah with the grace and blessings of Allah. We started the new construction process and want to keep the community updated with what is going on .

Inshallah we will keep posting the pictures and videos on each stage of construction.

August 2021:

  • General Contractor Selected
  • Construction Contracts signed
  • Preconstruction activities commenced
  • The existing Mosque facility began to be evacuated
  • Storage facility and logistics for the site are achieved
  • Early enabling works commenced


September 2021:

  • Secured all entrances
  • Installation of Temporary Power
  • Installation of site Fencing
  • Installation of the temporary trailers
  • Completion of the evacuation and move of all furniture items and storage
  • Removal and disposal of all remaining furniture and other items needing disposal
  • Commencement of the Selective Demolition of the facility
  • Commencement of the Major Demolition of the MPR and main mussalah facilities
  • Survey and Layout of the new mosque
  • Major excavation for foundations
  • Installation of the Infiltration Trench
  • Landscaping removal of trees and relocation of Plants and Shrubs
  • Inspection and repairs to the existing structure
  • Submission of the plans and engineering to the City of Sammamish for the temporary prayer facilities trailers.











October 2021:


  • Executed agreement with Sammamish Plateau Water District
  • Commencement of work on the new facility Footing Foundation excavation, rebar and preparing to pour concrete
  • Geotechnical surveys and inspections of subgrade
  • Compaction and site preparation
  • Forming of Footings
  • Installations of Footings Rebar
  • Footing inspection
  • Concrete Pours for the Footings
  • Stripping of the Footings
  • Forming of Walls









November 2021:

  • Wall Inspections
  • Concrete Pours for the Walls
  • Stripping the Wall Forms
  • Completion of Structural Concrete
  • Site civil activities
  • Trench excavation for utilities
  • Excavation for the water runoffs
  • Construction of the Pony Walls
  • Over framing of the Existing Floor
  • Framing of the existing facility for the women’s prayer area and classrooms.
  • Building of the Joist and Sheet Floor for the women’s prayer area and classrooms.









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