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Donate for the construction of Sammamish Mosque

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Sammamish Muslim Association is a non-profit organization that runs Sammamish Mosque (Masjid). We use all the money we raise from our community to run the masjid and its programs, to pay for the Imam and towards the construction of a new masjid to better serve our community. Members donate additional funds to pay for the Jumuah Lunch program, the Iftar program and to provide food for our picnics and for our regular get-togethers--we do NOT use masjid funds for food! Additionally, some members have contributed to renovate the interior of the masjid, to provide supplies for the picnic, etc. Lastly, members also pay Zakat that we distribute to members of the community who occasionally need additional help to deal with life circumstances. In the last year alone, Sammamish Mosque provided almost $60,000 in Zakat to needy families. May Allah (swt) bless and reward the donors for all the ways in which they continue to support their community and their masjid.

As you can see there is an opportunity for you to contribute and to earn additional rewards from Allah (swt). You can help shoulder the financial load for Sammamish Masjid by supporting:

    • Masjid Construction
      This is for construction and rebuild of Sammamish Mosque.
    • Masjid General Fund
      This is for the general operation of the Masjid.
    • Zakat Fund
      Donors contribute as much as they can.  100% of these funds are given to those in the local community who are in need.
    • SMA School
      This to support ongoing Islamic Education for the kids or to pay your school fees.

Please note that Sammamish Muslim Association is certified for matching funds from area employers that participate in these programs (most notably Microsoft and Boeing but also many others). If you have any questions on how to leverage matching donations, please contact Br Rehan Bashar, the SMA treasurer, at

Payments by check:

Make your checks out to Sammamish Muslim Association, indicate how you want the money used (e.g. Zakat vs. Masjid General Fund) and either drop off in the masjid donation box or mail the check to Sammamish Muslim Association, 22011 SE 20th St, Sammamish WA 98075.