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New to Sammamish? Welcome!  Please provide your info (here).  And Like our Facebook page (here) to stay connected.  We will reach out to connect with you.
Religious questions/ Family Counseling Email: Sheikh Abdul Allah Egal at imam@sammamishmosque.com or meet him in his office during his office hours (here)
Event related questions Email: eventsandvolunteering@sammamishmosque.com
Interfaith questions Email: interfaith@sammamishmosque.com
Facilities concerns Email: facilities@sammamishmosque.com
Zakat assistance Email: zakat@sammamishmosque.com
Sunday School Email: education@sammamishmosque.com
General thoughts and concerns Email: secretary@sammamishmosque.com

Need to reach the leadership?

The Board of directors Email: directors@sammamishmosque.com
Imam Sheikh Abdul Allah Egal Email: imam@sammamishmosque.com or meet Sheikh Abdul Allah Egal in his office during office hours (here)

We are always available to address your needs and look forward to hearing from you.

Sammamish Mosque

Need to park?

Our neighbors' comfort is very important to us.  When our own parking lot is full please use the map below to help identify places to park.  In addition, please use common sense (e.g. do not block any driveways), keep noise to a minimum and treat our neighbors the way you would want to be treated.

Parking Guide for Sammamish Mosque