Our Imam


Ahmed Al Manasrah 

Imam Ahmed is the imam of our masjid is a Quran reciter, Quran teacher, social mediator, Islamic Ruqia reciter, and researcher. He graduated with a Bachelor degree in Management Engineering from FEATI University in the Philippines and is currently a student at Guidance College in the Bachelors of Islamic Studies program. He is also certified in teaching the Holy Quran (Hafs from Asim recitation) with authorization to teach the Quran and grant certificates to qualified students.

Imam Ahmed brings excitement and energy and understands the vital components of a successful community which is - first and foremost - to seek the pleasure of Allah, to establish a brotherhood/sisterhood, and to organize community activities. Imam Ahmed is passionate about education, character development, and outreach. He plans to work heavily with the youth brothers and sisters. Additionally, he enjoys swimming, hiking, basketball, table tennis, and jogging.
Imam Ahmed has occupied several positions as Quran teacher at International Leadership School as well as a full time Imam at UEF Islamic Center of Fort Wayne in Indiana in 2019. He has also served as an assistant Imam and Quran Teacher at Alfarooq Islamic Center in Jordan from 2017 to 2019 and as an assistant Imam and Quran Teacher at Alaswad Mosque in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from 2011 to 2017.





Office Hours:

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