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Assalamualeikum. Welcome to Sammamish Mosque.

Register to Become a Voting Member in 2021

Register HERE if you are eligible for becoming a voting member.

Eligibility Requirements:
1-Adult Muslim (18+)
2-Resident of Sammamish/Issaquah
3-Household has donated $25 to Sammamish Mosque in 2021 (Masjid, Construction, or Zakat Fund)

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Friday Jummah Prayers

Insh'Allah we will have Jummah Salaah this Friday. In accordance with King County guidelines, Jummah Salaat is capped at 50. Please register below for available spots.

Register HERE for 12:15pm Jummah salaat.

Register HERE for 1:00pm Jummah salaat.

*Please do not mingle before or after Salaat and observe social distancing at all times. Jazakum Allahu Khayran